These vowel sheets have been specifically chosen for toddlers and young children.  They are mostly CV & CVC productions.  You can use these cards for repeated practice or cut them up for object matching games etc.

Download each sheet by clicking on the word list below.

vowel a button

ee button1 o button or button ow button




vowel ee – (bee, knee, three, he, she, key, tea, pea, tree)

vowel oo  – (2, boo, shoe, moo, roo, hoot, boot, glue, zoo)

vowel ah – (car, jar, star, baa, arm, shark, glass, farm,ah!)

vowel oa– boat, goat, toe, road, bow, go, hose, phone, blow

vowel u – (cup, cut, up, one, bug, bun, nut, pup, bun)

vowel ow/ou – (ow!, cow, house, mouse, owl, clown, mouth, down)

vowel aw/or – (horse, door, corn, ball, four, fork, saw, claw, draw)

vowel e– (red, bed, teddy, letter, bread, bell, dress, legs, jelly,egg)

vowel a– (fan, mat, bag, rat, hat, cat, ham, jam, hand)

vowel air – (hair, stair, chair, bear, pear, fairy, tear, where, hare)

vowel ay – (train, plane, cake, snake, plate, neigh, gate, shake, eight)

vowel ear – (ear, hear, beard, steer, spear, deer, beer, year, steer)

vowel er/ ir – (bird, purse, worm, her, furry, dirty, mermaid, birthday, furry)

vowel eye – (eye, bike, pie, bye, night, spider, light, knife, nine)

vowel i – (pig, tin, bin, lick, pin, lid, sit, six, fish)

vowel o – (sock, dog, frog, stop, doll, box, stop, watch, top, bottle)

vowel oo  – (book, hook, cook, wool, wood, woof, foot, pool, full )

vowel oy – (boy, coin, point, toilet, oink, foil, coil, toys, noise)

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