Free Articulation photos for Home or Clinic Use

These articulation worksheets contain Australian vocabulary with clear photo images.  We love using real photo images rather than line drawings with younger children.  The target words on each page have been carefully chosen so that they are recognisable to young children.  Most words are one syllable (and some two syllable) to make home practice more simple. Choose a sound and you can download it right away and start playing!


m buttonN BUTTONp buttonB BUTTONT buttond buttonK BUTTONG BUTTONF BUTTONV Button


s button   z button.jpgsh button CH BUTTONj button h buttonw buttonL button


r button

th button

s blends button 2.jpg

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m button m IWP – man, mouse, mild, mat, mop, money, meat, moth, map,

m MWP – hammer, camel, emu, lemon, swimming, camera, tomato, climbing, mermaid.

m FWP – ham, game, thumb, broom, lamb, drum, comb, jam, farm

N BUTTONn IWP (nuts, knife, nose, 9, net, knee, knock, knot, knob)

n MWP – (bunny, doughnut, banana, honey, money, pony, tiny, rainy, nanna)

n FWP – (pen, bin, bun, pin, phone, fan, 10, green, tin)

p button

p IWP – (pear, pencil, pig, pot, pin, purse, pie, peg, peas)

p MWP – (leopard, hippo, apple, nappy, puppy, happy, open, paper, puppet)

p FWP – (cup, ship, rope, sheep, soup, cap, mop, zip, cape)

B BUTTONb IWP – (bus, ball, bike, boot, ball, bell, boat, bear, bow)

b MWP – (baby, byebye, ribbon, rabbit, robot, cubby, cupboard, table, rubbish)

b FWP  – (crab, bib, tub, knob, ice cube, herb, shrub, globe, web)

T buttont IWP – (tea, torch, turtle, 2, tap, toes, teddy, ten, teeth)

t MWP – (butter, buttons, letters, dirty, guitar, turtle, photo, potato, sitting)

t FWP – (net, pot, boot, shirt, hat, foot, boat, plate, cat)

d button d IWP– (dinosaur,dog, dice, duck, digger, doll, dirty, door, down)

d MWP – (reading, riding, ladder, sliding, spider, teddy, hiding, wooden, ladybug)

d FWP – (hand, slide, road, red, ride, cloud, sand, hand)
k IWP – (key, king, comb, cup, cow, car, corn, carrot, kangaroo)

k MWP – (chicken, bucket, rocket, soccer, donkey, vacuum, monkey, walkie talkie, licking)

k FWP – ( bike, sock, milk, cake, truck, fork, duck, snake, clock)

G BUTTONg IWP – (ghost, gate, guitar, girl, game, go, goat, gift, gold)

g MWP – (digger, tiger, dragon, sugar, fingers, jigsaw, eagle, seagull, piggy)

g FWP – (egg, peg, flag, leg, dog, mug, bug, pig, bag)

F BUTTONf IWP – (four, fork, fish, fence, phone, foot, fingers, five, fairy)

f MWP – (starfish, wafers, coffee, muffin, trophy, sofa, cafe, telephone, dolphin)

f FWP – (giraffe, safe, loaf, scarf, off, knife, leaf, safe, roof)

V Buttonv IWP – (veil, vegemite, vine, vane, violin, van, vegetables, vacuum, vase)

v MWP – (seven, ivy, seventy, heavy, diver, driver, waving, over, gravy)

v FWP – (stove, love, glove, five, olive, hive, wave, sleeve)

s buttons IWP – (scissors, sock, santa, soap, sauce, safe, saw, seal, soup)

s MWP – (castle, dinosaur, pencil, medicine, recycle, bicycle, listen, racing car, glasses)

s FWP – (bus, dice, dress, house, mouse, grass, rice, horse, ice)

z button.jpgz IWP – (zero, zebra, zigzag, zip, zoo, zucchini, zed, zoom, zap)

z MWP – (wizard, puzzle, lizard, music, bulldozer, cheesy, magazine, roses, scissors)

z FWP – (prize, sneeze, rose, nose, knees, cheese, bees, hose, peas)

sh buttonsh IWP – (shark, sheep, shorts, shelf, shoes, shirt, shovel, shampoo)

sh MWP – (fishing, cushions, tissues, mushroom, ocean, milkshake, washg, machine, cashew)

sh FWP – (fish, brush, cash, wash, toothbrush, wish, rubbish, starfish, nailpolish

CH BUTTONch IWP – chair, chicken, chalk, cherry, chain, chest, cheese, chin, chips

ch MWP – picture, kitchen, teacher, statue, high chair, catching, lunchbox, watches, stretchy

ch FWP – watch, torch, catch, peach, match, witch, couch, lunch, sandwich

j buttonj IWP – jelly, giraffe, juice, jar, jet, jeans, jug, jeep, jam

j MWP – magic, vegemite, budgie, soldier, hedgehog, fire engine, veges, badges, angel

j FWP – lounge, cage, sponge, bridge, badge, page, orange, fridge, huge

h button

– horse, hat, house, hair, heart, hen, ham, hanger, hand

w button

w IWP – white, worm, witch, wheel, walk, wand, wet, web, wool

L buttonl IWP– lamp, lipstick, lemon, lamb, love, lime, legs, lego, lizard

l MWP – balloon, dollars, jelly, pillow, umbrella, ruler, toilet, eleven, gorilla

l FWP – camel, snail, bull, bell, smell, shell, ball, bottle, seal

r buttonr IWP – roof, red, rabbit, robot, rice, rope, rat, road, rock

r MWP – carrot, giraffe, earring, cherry, fairy, pirate, orange, gorilla, zero


th buttonth IWP – thorns, thumb, thick, thin, thirteen, thirty, thermos, thongs, thunder

th MWP- panther, nothing, stethoscope, birthday, toothpaste, toothbrush, tooth fairy, mouthful, python

th FWP – teeth, mouth, path, north, wreath, cloth, Earth, bath, moth


s blends button 2.jpgS Blends in initial word position

sp – spoon, spider, spin, spots, spaceman, sponge, spade, spill, spy

st – stamp, stick, star, stop, stairs, stool, stack, stove, stone

sm – smell, smarties, smiley, smoke, smooth, small, smoothie, smash, smelly

sn – snail, snake, snap, snowman, snow, snip, snooze, snack, sneeze

sw – swing, swim, sweep, swan, sweets, swirl, switch, swap, swipe

sl – slippers, slug, slide, sleigh, sleep, slime, sleeve, sled, slice

sk – scooter, skateboard, skate, scorpion, skeleton, ski, skirt, scarf, sky 

L buttonL Blends in initial word position

cl – clock, clown, claw, cloud, clothes, climb, clap, clean, clip

fl – flag, flower, fly, float, floor, fluffy, floss, flap, flippers

gl – glue, glow, glitter, gloves, globe, glass, glasses

sl – slippers, slug, slide, sleigh, sleep, slime, sleeve, sled, slice

pl – plant, plait, planet, plum, plank, plane, plug, platypus

bl – blue, block, blast, black, blanket, blow, blinds, blueberries

r blend button.jpgR Blends in initial word position

br – broom, bread, breakfast, bricks, broken, brown, brain, brush, bridge

cr- crocodile, cream, crab, crayfish, crash, Christmas, cry, crumbs, crown

dr – dragon, draw, dry, dress, drink, driver, drill, drum, dragonfly

fr – fry, freckles, fridge, freezer, frame, free, frog, fruit, front

gr -green, grid, grass, grated, grandma, grey, grow, grapes, grasshopper

pr– princess, prickle, price, prawn, pram, printer, prize, prunes, present

tr– train, track, trolley, trampoline, truck, tractor, trophy, treasure, triangle