Toy Review – Hello Sunshine

We were recently asked to do a Toy Review by YogeeToys who supplied Hello Sunshine by Think Fun. This is a great toy for the clinic or home.  It comes as a soft yellow plush sun with 18 double sided cards.  These cards have lots of location words to learn;

  • next to
  • behind
  • on
  • in
  • in front
  • under

You can play the game many ways.

1.  Treasure Hunt

Hide the sun and ask your child to find it. You can use the little card as a hint.  It says under the table. Let’s look there!

2.  Reverse it

Your child can look at the picture like an instruction and hide it for you to find.

3.  Simon Says

You can play this with more than one child.  Someone picks up a card and then does the action. e.g. On top of my head /  Behind my back.

Why not extend the game?

Take it to the park or grandma’s house and get extra practice of these location words.

Use the cards but instead hide a lolly or some other object!

Looking for books to reinforce these location words?  Click here for book recommendations.

Happy treasure hunting!