apple, banana, biscuit, bread, butter, cake, cheese, chips, drink, egg, icecream, orange, juice, milk, pasta, toast, yoghurt, water.

Make sure you have a good set of plastic food.  Accessories include tea set, shopping bag and money.  In the following activities, you will find word prompts and strategies for encouraging sounds and words and phrases from your child.

cutup fruitPizza Play – Make a pizza and learn lots of new words.

Fruit Shop – Set up a shop with your fruit.

Vegetable Soup or Fruit Salad – make it for real or in pretend play!

A set of fruit and vegetable pictures is a useful resource for making your own fruit salad craft or pizza. Download fruit & Vege photo cards here

Our list of picture books to read to your child are aimed at babies, toddlers and late talking preschoolers. This can be another great way to practice words associated with the beach and ocean.  

Speech  has a list of these books with a review and link to Book Depository for purchase.


Looking for even more inspiration?  Check our Food Pinterest Board here

Cut up Fruit – make fruit salad or match pieces together.