belt, bib, boots, button, coat, dress, jumper, hat, nappy, pyjamas, pants, shirt, shoes, shorts, socks, slippers, zip.

You can use kids clothes or doll clothes for most of these activities.  Accessories include washing line, basket and washing machine.   In the following activities, you will find word prompts and strategies for encouraging sounds and words and phrases from your child.
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Download the following activities to play with your child.  Our step by step instructions have a list of words to use, photo illustrations and ways to help your child learn to talk.

Washing the clothes Game Peg out the clothes. Fun way to learn lots of clothing names.



A set of of pictures is a useful resource for making your own dressup collage,  game of snap or a treasure hunt. Download Clothes photos here


Our list of picture books to read to your child are aimed at babies, toddlers and late talking preschoolers. This can be another great way to practice words associated with clothes and dressing up.  

Speech  has a list of these books with a review and link to Book Depository for purchase.



Looking for even more inspiration?  Check our Clothes Pinterest Board here