Actions / Verbs

catch, close, cut, fall, drink, eat, go, kiss, open, push, sit, stop, wash, wipe.

Simon Says – this action game is great for saying words like ‘sit, clap, lie down .

This is the way we…… – a great nursery rhyme to practice actions and imitation skills (actions and words).  Go here for a recap of the words and tune!

Drive the Tractor – imaginative play putting the animals on the tractor.  You can use lots of action words like – drink, eat, drive, get on, get off.

Download Play Sheets for Free!

Download the following activities to play with your child.  Our step by step instructions have a list of words to use, photo illustrations and ways to help your child learn to talk.


Our list of picture books to read to your child are aimed at babies, toddlers and late talking preschoolers. This can be another great way to practice actions and their words.

Speech  has a list of these books with a review and link to Book Depository for purchase.

A set of verb pictures is a useful resource for making your own books, pretend stories or matching pairs. Download your action photos below.






Why not take some action photos at home?  This activity ‘Book of ME’  is a photo album you can create at home with your own pictures.  Your child can be the star and act out some actions for the album.   eating,  kicking, swimming.