Uber Eats in our Waiting Room

Our waiting room always has a Role-Play theme.  Not only does it make waiting fun, but it can kickstart some ideas for playtime at home.

Today we have another food theme – takeaway or delivery food.

You can order from the Menu – sushi, salad, hamburger, chips or pizza.

Do you want takeaway or delivery?

Use the play phone to order your food and pay with some play money / card.

The food can be put in a brown bag for delivery.

The delivery guy can dress up as a chef or with a delivery bag.

These are all good role play ideas for developing imaginative play at home.  Depending on your child’s age, there are many vocabulary items you can practice – phone, menu, more cheese etc!

Download some signs to put up at your house! (or clinic room)



What about the toys?  You can either recycle your pizza boxes, containers etc.

Or KMart has the sushi set and hamburger/chips set as pictured.  The salad is a felt play set from IKEA.