Pet Shop Role Play

The waiting room has been remodelled as a Pet Shop for Term 3.

We have a dog, cat, guinea pig, mouse, fish, turtle, snake, rabbit, parrot, duck & frog.

Each animal has a box / kennel / hutch to live in.  There are also foods to give the animals.

It’s easy to make your own pet shop at home with soft toys, boxes and signs!

Dog & Cat



Guinea Pigs & Mice

We used fake grass, plastic cheese and lettuce and some cardboard boxes.


Fish Tank

We used an old fish tank.  You could easily use a plastic salad bowl or similar.  A plastic container is the fish food.

FullSizeRender 17

Rabbit Hutch


Snake Basket


Chicken Coop

Courtesy of Lori.



On the walls, you can stick some ‘shop signs’ to sell items.

FullSizeRender 14

FullSizeRender 18









Why not set up a dog grooming station with a bath and brush?

A cash register with money / credit card and shopping bags are also great!