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Useful Resources

  • ‘Babytalk’ by Sally Ward.  This text is a well-loved and well-used resource in the clinic.  Great for parents who would like to get more background information on language development through the early years.  Available at Book Depository.
  • Raising Children Network website.  An Australian government website which covers a range of issues for parents with children aged 0-18 years.  Speech & language, behaviour, nutrition, health care and sleep are all discussed with how-to videos and information sheets.  Some videos we use on language stimulation in babies and toddlers are;   Connecting with Toddlers
  • We also like the Baby Karaoke which gives all the words for many nursery rhymes.  This can be downloaded as an App for the Iphone too.Baby Karaoke – click here
  • Pinterest Boards – Pinterest is a great resource for getting different ideas for play themes, children’s books, nursery rhymes and information sheets.  The visual nature makes it easy to scan for exactly the kinds of ideas you need! Check out the Babychatter Pinterest boards!