Tip 8 – Copy your Baby

Tip #8 in our Learning to Talk Series.  Copying is an important skill for your child to learn.  After all, everything babies learn is through watching you and then copying.

What happens when you copy your baby or toddler?

  • It gives your baby the idea of copying you
  • It makes your baby smile or laugh
  • It reinforces or praises your baby
  • It tells your baby that she is clever!
  • It starts a game of CopyCat – back and forth

When can you copy your baby or toddler?

  1. Each time he makes a noise or word   e.g. raspberry noises, animal sounds, ‘more’
  2. During playtime – do the same things.  e.g. bang the drum after him or push the car too.
  3. To clarify what he wants.  e.g. copy baby’s sound and point to a book/toy he might want
  4. When he squeals in delight (or disgust) at mealtimes
  5. When he laughs or sneezes!

All these actions are showing your baby that his message has been received by you.

  • Yes! Mum understood that my noise meant I didn’t like that food.
  • Yes! Playing with the cars was fun because mum copied me instead of taking over.
  • Yes! We play silly games and I am in charge of it.

As your baby also notices that you have copied him, he might swap over and start copying you.  This is when more sounds and words can emerge as he learns to copy what you have just said.

YouTube Clips

Watch this YouTube clip about Copying Children – here.

And another humorous clip about babies copying sneezing – here.

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