More IKEA Hacks – for Imaginative Play

IKEA has lots of great toys and props you can use to help your toddler learn about pretend play.

Here are some of our favourites!

SPEXA Doll’s house

This hard cover folder can be used as a dolls house.  Easy to stand up and then fold away after use.  You can use the IKEA dolls house furniture or your own.

SPEXA Doll's house IKEA Dollhouse in the form of a book, with 4 different room settings. Easy to fold and store away.:

DUKTIG Tool box

Handyman role play made easy.

DUKTIG Tool box IKEA Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles.


Kids plastic feeding plates are ideal for use – feeding teddy or cafe role play.

Cups, plates for feeding teddy: Duktig

Play kitchen for your home.  Children can imitate – cooking, washing up, cutting etc.  Making dinner and feeding teddy.

Play kitchen:


This soft felt set consists of a shopping basket filled with common foods – cheese, sausages, fish etc.  Great for shopping role play or dinner.

Shopping play:

Skylta and Cash Register

Set up a cardboard shop stand with a cash register and items for purchase.  Use some real/pretend money and a shopping bag or basket.

Shop stand: Cash register for shopping play:

Cubbies – Busa, Cirkustalt & Play Tunnel.

Busa, Cirkustalt & Play Tunnel.  These fold up cubbies are light and easy to put up/ pack away.  Cubbies are great for role playing – putting teddy to sleep, having a picnic, setting up a house etc.

CIRKUSTÄLT Children's tent IKEA Creates a sheltered spot, a room in the room, to play or just cuddle up in. BUSA play tunnel Length: 145 cm Diameter: 46 cm

Have fun!

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