Ikea Hacks 4 Speech

Everytime I go to IKEA, I manage to find something else to use at the clinic!  This blog post is about my current favourite IKEA items that can be used in therapy with children.

mala-stamp-pen-assorted-colours__0140041_PE300028_S4 Mala Stamp Pen –  These stamps are great fun for kids to use on printables or anywhere.  See how I use them here.


Duktig Doll’s Bed – Great size for most dolls and teddies and really hardy.  So many pretend play games can be played!



Mala Easel – We have this in our waiting room and it appeals to a range of ages.  There is a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other.


GLIS boxes – We use these for storing lots of our miniature objects into categories.  You can put lots of toys starting with ‘t’  etc in these to keep them together.  (turtle, top, tank, tin, 2, toe).  You can also categorise some of your toys into groups like animals / insects / cars ……