How we use Free Printables

Free Printables are available just about everywhere and are so useful with 3 + kids. They are normally a Clipart image which can be used for preschooler crafts.  We tend to use very simple pictures (not too distracting) and a variety of stamps, stickers, pom poms etc to decorate.

1.  Stamps or stickers


These stamps are from IKEA and have been very popular in the clinic

You can use any types of stamps or stickers – as long as your child is motivated to use them!

2.  Printables


One sheet of paper with up to 10 circles which can be filled.  This will give your child up to 10 attempts at practicing a new sound or word.  Printables are available on many learning websites like Alex Toys, Picklebums, Making Learning Fun.



3.  Using in the Clinic or at home

Now for the fun part!  Incorporate your Printable into your activity.  Each time your child says the target word or sound she can put on another stamp.   Why not try stickers or pom poms?  Laminating a printable is also great.  You can use blu-tak to stick things on the circles or put playdo on printables