Toy Box Essentials

Pretend play and language development require some good quality toys and some homemade ones.  Here are some ideas for your toy box at home.

Pack away all those battery operated toys with flashing lights and booming noises.  Let’s get all the low-cost, recyclable materials and the durable quality toys ready for your child to get out and play with.  We often kit up toys into a theme.  For instance a box full of baby things (bottle, brush, nappy, blanket, toothbrush and teddy) that can be used as the basis for an imaginative play scene.

Here are 10 Must-Haves that you need in your toy cupboard ready for playtime!

  1. Blankets, cushions or pop-up Ikea tent for a Cubby House.
  2. A teddy (or favourite soft toy) and some play food for picnics and tea parties.
  3. A farm set with plastic animals and fencing.
  4. Playdoh and cutters.
  5. Dress Ups Box with old hats, fairy wand, cloak, funny shoes.
  6. Cardboard boxes for making cubbies, cars/taxis, letter boxes, pet cages.
  7. Stickers, paper, glue, glitter, junk mail.
  8. Cash register, money and items to buy. (cereal boxes etc)
  9. Trucks, little people and roads to build.
  10. Musical instruments (either homemade or commercial)