Play Boot Camp

Back to Basics !

drinking tea

Imaginative play with an adult is a key learning time for a young child  (particularly children with speech and language difficulties).  All you need are some plastic cups, a doll/teddy and a blanket to get started!  Make play a priority, not a special time once a week.  Here are some ideas!

Basic Play Principles

  • Make time to play every day.
  • Sit on the floor together with some recommended toys
  • Read to your baby every day
  • Have fun and be involved
  • The I Pad or TV does not teach a baby or toddler how to speak (It is best used as a distractor if you need to get a task done!)
  • Baby laptops and other sound/light stimulating toys do not make the best teaching tools.
  • Toy rotation keeps things exciting. Make sure that there are not too many toys out which can be distracting. Clear away as you go.

Nursery Rhymes

head shoulders

Nursery rhymes play an important role in learning to talk and in learning to read.

  • They develop Baby’s listening skills
  • Create a copycat game to enjoy
  • Help with using some words in sentence completion
  • Develop use of gesture

Download this information here.