How to encourage baby to make sounds

We all know those noises babies often make before their first birthday.

Blowing raspberries, clicking the tongue,  hand over mouth repeatedly and the constant babababa / gagagaga.

What about the cute ‘fake cough’ that some babies will make to get your attention!

or the ‘tune’ that sort of sounds a bit like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

There are so many variations to these baby noises but the one thing they have in common is that they are building blocks for learning to talk.  Make no mistake, these noises are not just harmless baby babble.  These are the foundation for your baby’s first words.

What if my baby is very quiet?

  1. Your baby’s first goal is to be more noisy!

Whatever noises your baby is already making, encourage them!  Get your baby to make them more!  Copy your baby and see how delighted he is that you did that.  Say his favourite noise back and forth to him.

2. Make that noise meaningful.  

Use that noise to mean something.  Maybe it could be a tongue click for a horse or a raspberry noise for a car?

3.  Coughing and Laughing

These are vocal noises that children like to play with too.  Copy your baby and see if he copies your laugh or cough or sneeze?

4.  Animals

Babies are often very interested in real (and toy) animals.  Point at the cat and say meow whilst you stroke it.  Feed some plastic farm animals and make some ‘chewing’ noises or ‘slurping’ noises.

5.  Outside

When you are pushing your baby on the swing or down the slide or in the sandpit.  Listen to your baby’s sounds that signal enjoyment and say them back.

6.  New sounds

You might also try to alter your baby’s sounds just a bit.  This might help your baby to acquire a new noise.

Need more ideas?

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