35 Things to do before you turn 1


The Must-Do List for all babies before their first birthday!  All screen free and great for stimulating brain development and for learning those first words!

  1. Peek a Boo
  2. This Little Piggy on the toes
  3. Play with ducks in the bath
  4. Read some tactile books
  5. Jig to some music
  6. Learn actions Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  7. Blow raspberries
  8. Find their tummy
  9. Play ta games
  10. Play hidey with a toy under a blanket
  11. Enjoy a swing
  12. Horsey rides on daddys back (or mum!)
  13. Stack up some big blocks
  14. Round & Round the Garden on the hand
  15. Copy mum sneezing or laughing (watch this great video!)
  16. Put socks in a basket
  17. Crawl or walk to find mum when called
  18. Listen to noises outside planes, birds, dogs.
  19. Read some Farm books baaa, mooo!
  20. Push a car along the floor brmmmmm!
  21. Make a family photo book of mum, dad, baby, grandma etc
  22. Enjoy a milkshake swing in a blanket
  23. Play with squirty toys in the bath
  24. Have a chat in the car noises back and forth with the driver
  25. Play in a big cardboard box
  26. Bang some pots with a wooden spoon
  27. Shake some home-made plastic bottles with things inside
  28. Put ping pong balls into an egg carton or a muffin tin
  29. Read a plastic book in the bath
  30. Kick a ball
  31. Post a letter
  32. Pat a friendly cat or dog
  33. Hug a teddy
  34. Listen to whispers or quiet songs
  35. Drink with a straw