SH, CH, J Articulation Printables

I have been working on the sounds – sh, ch & j – with many children recently.  After some trials and customer feedback (kids and therapists!) I have amalgamated a bumper pack of articulation cards and printable games.

The articulation cards are both photo images and clip art.  The photo images are available free for download here.  The other images and printable games for use in the clinic or at home are available in the SH, CH, J book.  This resource booklet has 62 pages of cards and printable games and can be purchased at my TPT Store here.

Here is a sample of some pages from the SH, CH, J Bumper pack.

There are pages of ‘sh’ , ‘ch’ and ‘j’ words in initial, medial and final position.  Here is one of those sheets!

Then there are a selection of games that you can print out.  Either laminate them for continued use in the clinic or give them as homework practice to parents.

This is a game for practicing ‘j’ at the ends of words.  There are 6 pets that need their ‘cage’ selected.


Another game is focussing on ‘sh’ at the beginning of words.  Each character needs some missing ‘shoes’.




This game focusses on ‘sh’ in different word positions.  Your child can use real pegs to clip the clothes to the washing line. Words to practice include – wash or washing, shirt, shorts.


Download a FREE Sample of a Bird House Game!



You can go over to the TPT Store for more information about these games and many more.