Miniature Magic

Miniature objects can be a great asset to any speech therapy program.   You can use them in a variety of ways such as object/picture matching, Reading or Eye Spy games.  They can also be used to meet different goals –articulation, phonological awareness, literacy and more.

(As these miniatures are very small they present a choking hazard for younger children. They should always be used under adult supervision.)

Today we are introducing our first Miniatures Magic box.  It is made up of plastic figures, lego pieces and erasers and stored in transparent boxes for easy storage.  Best suited to ages 4 years and up and are great for working on;

  • initial sounds in words

  • final sounds in words

  • CVC word blending and segmentation

  •       rhyming

Box 1 : CVC Words – $55 (Free Delivery to Australia)


Box 1 : CVC Words – $55 (Free Delivery to Australia)

**Please note we can only post to Australian addresses.  Some items may differ slightly in colour.

You must email us your postal address for delivery of items!

What is in your Miniature Magic Box?

Contains 15 miniature items with Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) words. There are 3 words per word family.  You can use this for segmentation/blending skills,  rhyming word families or final sound identification.  A PDF Download is also included.

Items included in this box are;

zip-closed-boxug – mug, jug, bug

at- cat, rat, hat

op – top, pop, hop

ip – zip, chip, lip

an – man, van, pan




A 10 page PDF Download to use with the items includes;

  • object/ picture matching
  • object to written word matching
  • written letters to use for blending
  • Word family rhyming sheet
  • Final consonant letter for sorting


Ways to Use your Box

Object to written word






Object to picture matching



The written words can be used with or without the objects.  

You can print the words in colour or black & white if you need to reduce the cues.  

The erasers are particularly attractive and can be used in a variety of ways! Swapping or prizes!

We suggest laminating all the pages to keep your boxed kit in perfect working order.

Upon purchase, you will immediately receive your PDF Booklet.  You must email us your postal address for delivery of your items.  Some items may differ in colour.

**Please note we can only post to Australian addresses.

Stay tuned for the next box in the series!