Animals – Farm & Other

bear, bee, bird, bug, bunny, cat, chicken, cow, dog, duck, elephant, fish, horse, kitten, lion, monkey, mouse, pig, puppy, sheep, tiger.

Make sure you have a good set of large farm animals.  Fences, troughs, people and a tractor/trailor are also great accessories.  In the following activities, you will find word prompts and strategies for encouraging sounds and words and phrases from your child.

Download the following activities to play with your child.  Our step by step instructions have a list of words to use, photo illustrations and ways to help your child learn to talk.

Farm Scene – use a magnetic scene to learn new words and expand vocabulary.

This little piggy A4 activity sheet – a great nursery rhyme to practice (also with a puppet mitt) imitation skills (actions and words).

At the farm  – imaginative play with a set of farm animals.  A great way to practice animal sounds – baa, woof, moo and words.

Drive the Tractor– more imaginative play putting the animals on the tractor.  This is a good activity for using some simple phrases -‘get on’  ‘animals off’.

Vet play  – a fun game to help your child’s pretend play skills.


farm setup


A set of farm animal pictures is a useful resource for making your own animal books, farm collage crafts or matching pairs. Download farm animal photos here




Our list of picture books to read to your child are aimed at babies, toddlers and late talking preschoolers. This can be another great way to practice animal sounds and words and develop vocabulary.

Speech  has a list of these books with a review and link to Book Depository for purchase.

DIY Toys

Why not make some toys at home?  This activity ‘Build your own Barn’ is a cardboard box you can paint to put the animals in.
Download – Make your own barn

You can also make your own vet clinic with bandaids at home.

myo vet2


Download – DIY Vet Clinic





Check our Farm Pinterest Board – for further inspiration on farm activities.

Parent E-Books

Farmer ebook – download a 20 page photo illustrated Parent Guide to helping your child learn to talk.  It includes many of the activities listed on this page as well as some further explanations of how children can be encouraged to develop their play and language skills.