IKEA & Speech Pathology

This is the first in our new series on how to use IKEA in Speech Therapy.


IKEA has a great range of affordable toys and other items that are ideal for using with young children.

It’s also really accessible to families making it a great way to incorporate ideas at home!

Playsounds Kit for Toddlers

Today I am going to make up a kit of playsounds to use with toddlers.  This is ideal for children who are just beginning to copy sounds/words.  You can use all these objects in playtime to make lots of different noises.  Remember to repeat the noises many times and praise your child when he/she tries to imitate you.

  1.  Finger Puppets  –

    Sounds you can say – rah!   sssssss,  meow,   woof,  tweet tweet

2.  Watering Can and Flowers

Sounds you can say –  pshhhhh (water),   “smell flowers”

3.  Train set

Sounds – choo choo!

4.  Cars

Sounds to make  – brrrrrrm,   beep!

5.  Bandaids for doctor play

Sounds to make – ow!


6.  Animal touch & feel book

Sounds to make – baaaa, meow

7.  Pop Up tent

Sounds to make – boo!

8.  Pots and Pans

Sounds to make – bang!  “hot” sounds,  yum!


A cheap and easy way to bring out a fun kit and help your child imitate sounds.  This is a vital first step in learning new words!